Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Goodies

This may be a redundant statement, but I LOVE finding good deals on random items.
Today I hit the Goodwill and a local thrift store and I am so excited about my purchases.

At the Goodwill (below), I got three glass plates, two cups, a vase and a candle 
holder for eight dollars and some change. I've been looking at a lot of 
different projects online, and I can't wait to put these to use!

I have never been to Lisa's Thrift and Variety Store, but I frequently see items
she posts for sale on craigslist. I decided to stop in today, and I am so glad I went!
She has a ton of stuff, and she gave me a really good price. (Below) I got four plates,
three candle holders, and a mirror for five dollars! Bazinga!!

I bet you can guess what all this is for!!

I am helping plan a St. Patrick's Day themed Bunco Party. I've never played before, but it
involves dice and sounds like a good time! It also means party planning, which I am super excited about.

This is our door decoration! I got it at the Dollar Tree for... 
You got it! $1! I used the black and white no sew
flower to cover the not-so-pretty hook.

Tomorrow I am going to play with some of the things I bought today.
I am very excited. Pictures to come soon!

First blog post ... EVER.

Since I don't really know what I'm doing yet, let's make this first post short and sweet.

Here are some "no-sew" flower pins that I made.
The color didn't turn out so well in the photos.
The flower on the right is actually a light green,
it kind of looks blah here. Oh well. I love them. 
I found the tutorial <here>. It's a fun, easy tutorial from Miss Lovie. Check it out! 

I have also been making a ton of cakes lately. Here are a few. 

Rainbow Cake. 
Tutorial <here>.

LSU King Cakes for the LSU/Alabama game.
Yeah. LSU lost.

Louisiana Tech Cake for my friend and new alumni! Congratulations Dill :)
This was probably the most I have ever "decorated" a cake.
Yes. I had a lot of fun, but definitely need to work on that!